LinkedIn Privacy Issues, Are You Worried?

Today’s post is in honor of my readers comments!  Both come from women, and one of them posed a very interesting question/comment which I would like to explore a little more.

First of all, I promised a reader that I would share some information:


For those in the Camden, NJ area: “My website is I will be holding a free resume writing workshop at the Camden Free Library in Camden, NJ later this month.”-Kerry


Now for the topic at hand, LinkedIn Privacy Issues.  Here is the comment that was left in my comments section following my blog regarding The Power of LinkedIn:

“Just as there may be good reasons to join LinkedIn, there are just as many good reasons NOT to consider it. Most notably…..identity theft. Yes, it happens. In the digital age, it’s too easy for a gifted hacker/scammer/spammer to grab various pieces of your information (even your photo) and have a field day. Secondly, LinkedIn equates to Spamcruiter Heaven, where there are plenty of spamcruiters looking to contact vulnerable job seekers just to sell their products and services with the good ‘ol bait and switch tactic.

Where there are good points, there are also bad points. I will not so willingly volunteer my information for all to see and risk being a victim of ANY kind. One “job expert” said it best: ‘Step away from the computer.’ In other words….face to face networking still reigns supreme in the job search.”

What are YOUR thoughts on this topic?  Are you worried about identity theft?  My take is that with the digital age here to stay you have to embrace it.  However, you also need to know how to protect yourself.  I truly feel that sites such as LinkedIn do more good than bad.  You can connect with people who you may otherwise not be able to connect with through traditional networking.  Also, if you are worried about people using your resume information, then I would be more worried about sites such as Career Builder or Monster.

Share your thoughts on the topic.

What did you do today?


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