What are we learning from The Apprentice?

For those who have been watching The Apprentice this season, good for you!  For those who got sick of The Apprentice, especially after they did a celebrity edition, then you need to tune in tonight at 10pm, eastern time, on NBC.

As I may have mentioned recently, this season is recession themed. The candidates are people who owned their own businesses, went to law school, were in the financial industry, etc.  The Donald puts them through projects to weed out the non performers and find his next apprentice. There are a lot of competent people but there are also, in my opinion, two completely erratic candidates.  Thankfully, not both of them are on the same team, one is female and the other is male.  So allow me to set the scene here before I ask, what ARE we learning from The Apprentice?

Mahsa, a female assistant district attorney, is always lashing out and trying to more or less bulldoze over anyone in her way.  When placed in a situation she wasn’t enjoying, she immediately set out to seek revenge on the project manager.  She can basically “do no wrong,” in her eyes, and would probably blow at any minute.

In the other corner we have David, a one time successful account manager.  As he professed in the first episode, he is unemployed and has basically lost his family. From the sound of it his wife has left him, with their 5 children.  At first you may feel bad for him.  However, this guy has NO respect for senior managers or project managers, other than himself.  I think the only person he actually fears is Donald Trump as he is the one who has the power.  David swears and throws temper tantrums on every single project, unless he’s in charge.  But every time he survives and it almost seems like others fear him.  To boot, the last project manager actually had to fire him from the task, but since the team lost, the project manager, and not crazy Dave, was fired.

So…what ARE we learning from The Apprentice?

First of all, one thing stands out clearly in my mind.  After one task, where the candidates had to sell ice cream in Manhattan, Donald Trump told those who didn’t do a good job that, regardless of what you used to do, you HAVE to be able to sell yourself and your brand.

But, from there on out I am boggled by the fact that the previously mentioned candidates, who are completely psychotic towards other people and their fellow team members, keep surviving week after week.  Is the lesson here that if you flip out you will succeed?

I’ll have to keep watching to see what happens.  One thing I do know is that I have to applaud the Donald for taking this topic, the recession, and showing what can be done to over come it.  So far, the winning project managers have met with fantastic, and successful, people such as Russel Simmons and Jack Welch and those who were fired are shown in their new positions, in a segment sponsored by Rockport.

Go out and sell your brand!

What did you do today?


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