Fall Office Fashions

It’s Friday so I’ve decided to have a little fun.  I’m sorry to the men who read this blog, but this one may not be up your alley…

But, I don’t want to turn anyone away, so to get today’s interesting job related stories check out my Facebook page: Jobs.Ideas.Networking.

With fall finally here, ick, everywhere you turn people are talking about fall fashions.  So…ok, I don’t have to be in an office everyday but I do have to say that ever since I began working retail it makes me dress a little bit nicer and present myself in a more polished way.

Recently I’ve become obsessed with skirts and dresses so these looks are going to center around those two items.  My other point is that I’ve stopped buying things at full price.  You can get some GREAT items on sale, I saw a Gucci purse for $15 at Garment District!  With stores receiving their fall and even winter merchandise, now is a good time to see what summer items are on sale that can be re purposed for the fall. So, here we go!

If you are looking for more inspiration, check out this little mood board I threw together:

Have a great weekend and…what did you do today?


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