Old School Interview Tips-Step 1:Recruitment Strategy

Back when I graduated from Northeastern University with my International Business undergrad degree I was fearing I wouldn’t find a job.  The majority of my class mates had jobs from previous co-ops, which I still believe gave THE best real world experience, so I felt like I had been jipped.  Right after graduating I decided to go home, that being Latvia, for a month and then come back and re group.  After my trip home I actually ended up landing a job at a logistics company…which was shut down a couple of months later.  Before that even happened I KNEW something fishy was going on so I had been searching and gave my notice two days before everyone was going to be laid off.  Pretty good timing right?

Anyway, this post isn’t about my job searching anecdotes but rather the advice I was given by my dad back in 2006.  He gave me a folder full of interview tips and steps, starting from the recruiting strategy, to screening and the final offer process.  To be honest, I never even looked at it.  However, I’ve decided that since my meeting with the recruiter tomorrow has been moved to next week I will to look at the tips I’ve got on hand, and see if four years later they still apply.

Today I want to take a look at the recruitment strategy, according to the booklet I have:

Developing the Sourcing Strategy: “The hiring manager and HR will think of all sources where suitable candidates can be found…in-house transfers, referrals, ads, trade journals, job fairs, associations, conferences, competitors or companies doing similar research, etc.”

The way this has changed today is, that you must also include posting the jobs on LinkedIn, job boards and even Twitter…among other social networks.

How to screen resumes: “1. Review the job specifications and compare the information on each resume to those qualifications.  2. Divide the resumes into three piles…first pile…individuals who seem to possess all of the qualifications for the job…second pile…put the ‘maybe’-resumes that exhibit some, but not all, of the qualifications…resumes from people who are clearly unsuitable or unqualified go into the third pile  3. Reread all the resumes in the first pile.  Look for resumes that show specific accomplishments, career progression, and willingness to work hard…if necessary review the ‘maybe’ resumes.”

I am doubting that this process happens these days.  I am leaning more towards software that pre screens all candidates by searching for key words, hence the key words from my resume in my “About Me” section of this blog.

Red Flags: “Gaps, short term employment, job progression, sloppiness, no cover letter.”

These days, the first two don’t “really” apply any more.  Millions of people will have gaps in their resume.  As for short term employment…that’s what recruiting companies are all about, contract work!  I wish I could say that job progression was still something recruiters should look at, but as someone who went from being in the product and marketing departments at two well known companies to getting an MBA and working retail…I’m here to be the voice for those who, due to no fault of their own, have to downgrade a bit.

There you have it.  I wonder if some of these tips still apply but at least we have a little bit of a glimpse to the inner workings of the recruitment process.  Tomorrow, how to conduct phone interviews.  Both for the interviewer and interviewee.

What did you do today?

P.S. Don’t forget to tune into the new recession themed Apprentice tonight!


4 thoughts on “Old School Interview Tips-Step 1:Recruitment Strategy

  1. This is a great post, there is no doubt these tips will be helpful. Whether you are applying to some of the top investment banks or some mid-level accounting firms these tips are legitimate. The fact that you got them from a reliable source, and edit them to fit today’s standards truly demonstrates their value. I will certainly save this post and take your advice when setting up my resume and applying for jobs.

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