Employed vs. Unemployed

I’d like to start this of with a disclaimer. The following opinions are just my personal view which comes from experience and talking to some friends who have the hiring power or are also looking for work.

What I have realized is that in a lot of instances those who are hiring and recruiting from the corporate level, or have not been laid off during this awful recession, don’t fully understand what those of us who are unemployed go through.  You would think that it was obvious that the majority of us are not unemployed because we can’t be good employees or aren’t educated.  For months now, the Boston Globe has article upon article about unemployment or those struggling to find work, case in point- the main story on boston.com today is about the recession lasting for longer than expected.  Even The Apprentice is recession themed and has 16 unemployed candidates vying for THE job with Donald Trump.

One friend who has been working at the same company since graduating, with her undergrad degree, advised that I look for more entry level positions. When I informed her that unfortunately with experience and an MBA it’s very hard to be even considered for such a job.  She didn’t believe me…  She also advised that in the mean time I should just enjoy my summer, unfortunately that’s hard to do when you are just making sure you can pay for all of your bills…and, I also “enjoyed” my summer last year.

My parents, who are great, keep thinking that just because my brother, who is an html guru and design expert, took SEO classes, he is now employed. I’m sure that is part of the reason he found an internship which turned into a job but it may also be because the company was looking for an entry level person.  And, just because I have a huge interest in social media does not mean that following in my brothers footsteps will bring me equal success. I will keep my eye out for classes on SEO but in the mean time I’ve enrolled in InDesign classes which I think will help me widen my search.

Lastly, and this is the sad part, a friend who has the hiring power listened to me griping about HR personnel and recruiters not calling me back after I’ve met with them face to face and had an interview either over the phone or in person.  I just can’t seem to understand why a simple e-mail can’t be sent out to let me know that I should not consider a given job.  It’s all a matter of courtesy.  I understand that these days HR managers are inundated with resumes and I have seen stacks of candidate resumes on their desks but the few of us who got through and were brought in to interview should be informed about the progress of the interview process. When I said this, my friend said that he is “that” guy and does not call back or e-mail a candidate if he or she isn’t fit for the job.  When I asked why, he simply said “it’s a waste of time.”

So there you have it.  I’m not at all saying that everyone sees things this way but I think it’s much easier for those who have never been unemployed to view us as people who don’t try enough or are doing something really wrong. You would think that by now people would be more aware of the trouble we’re all going through but if you are not affected by it then it’s very easy to judge.

Here’s to staying on top of our game and finding the job of our dreams!

What did you do today?


4 thoughts on “Employed vs. Unemployed

  1. I remember when I got downsized from Amex that the recruiter I was working with said I couldn’t get something entry-level because the company knows that you’ll be bored and unhappy and probably leave as soon as you find something else so they don’t want to hire you in the first place. I think the point that they are missing sometimes is that a lot of people would just be happy to have a job at all!

  2. it is such a stupid thing “happy” not happy, I believe a lot of times HR are not the smartest people to begin with
    their understanding of situation is based on classes they have taken and old rules
    thing changed in US and rules must be changed too

    people will be forsed to lie about their previous experience in order to get a job
    I did it once about 16 year ago, it work, if I would not I would not get that low key job, which helped me to move on….

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