Ad Agencies vs. Social Media

Recently I was asked how I saw the role of ad agencies change with the onslaught of social media.  Just like I don’t believe traditional marketing will go away I also doubt that ad agencies will go away.  There will still be a need for tv advertisement or events with specific product placement.  But, how will ad agencies evolve through social media?  Will they change their operations to a more web based focus rather than tv?  Luckily, after reading, The Future of Ad Agencies and Social Media I will be able to answer this question knowledgeably.

Basically, what the article suggests is that the change will be most seen in the platforms that will be used as well as how community will play into successful campaigns.

So…let’s get to the break down:


As I mentioned, it’s the platforms that will change more than the actual advertising.  “One of the newest forms of media is not media at all, but software and platforms…More and more, agencies will be called on to be (or at least have the capacity to behave as) short-order web and mobile dev shops. You’ll need to make sure your creatives have access to skilled hackers and experienced web designers; you might even consider including a few highly technical, very creative engineers in your creative team, not just as part-time or freelance collaborators.”


The old saying, Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are, still stands.  “f you want to get inside your clients’ customers’ heads, just take a look at what their friends and peers are doing, saying and buying.”


For those who fear that being on social networks will open up “their” world to everyone else can relax.  That’s not the situation at all.  “Part of the art of selling is the illusion that the company is doing what’s best for the consumer and not for their own bottom line…’This might sound odd…but I [Jeremy Toeman] actually think online marketing has less transparency than traditional does.'”


“…location-based marketing ‘will change everything.  With the ability to target people only when they are within purchasing distance, brands will be able to come that much closer to targeting nirvana. Offers can be made only to those meeting certain location (and even demographic) requirements, reducing waste and actually saving a brand a lot of money by minimizing its old school spray-and-pray mass marketing techniques. In a nutshell, mobile will, once and for all, make it possible for a marketer to target without waste.’”


“…’the usual suspects’ of banner ads and skyscrapers are definitely undergoing a change…display can still be part of your ad buys and collateral, but you have to think creatively, target carefully, measure thoroughly and react accordingly. Use all the tools at your disposal to do so.”

Wondering about PR agencies and how their roles will change?  Check out the following articles:

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I hope these articles help to understand social media and the power of social networking.

What did you do today?

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2 thoughts on “Ad Agencies vs. Social Media

  1. vajag uzzinaat cik % apmeram cilveku izmanto comjuterus, jo ir vel dzudz tadu arii amerika, kuriem nav vinu un arii majas vini tikai izmanto speles, tatad tos ar advetismentiem uz web neieinteresesi, bet protams tadu paliek mazaak.
    to droshi vien var uzzinat cik population cik compjuteru videji pardod gadaa, vai kaut ko liidziigu, tadi dati noteikti ir

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