The Future of Social Media

There are those of us who embrace social media and those of you who hope it will go away.  I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but social media isn’t going anywhere!

Sure, certain sites may go away but others will pop up to replace them in a jazzier and more “of the age” way.  Sites/Applications such as Foursquare and Facebook Places will duke it out in the hopes that one will become the ultimate “check in/location” portal.

There will always be those people who try to buck the trend but eventually will have to give in.  Again, I hate to be the one to say it, but those CEO’s who have not yet embraced this new way of getting to their customer base and nurturing it will get left in the dust, unless of course their product is one of a kind, such as the new Ipod Touch.  Your brand can get attacked very easily, even if you are not on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, so it’s better to be on and be prepared!

So what does the future hold?  I was happy to come across an article outlining the next 5 years of social media…or at least what this one writer thought the next 5 years might bring.  Below is the basic break-down:


“…the first smartphone to run on 4G…the Sprint HTC EVO – hit the U.S. only this past June. Sprint’s 4G network…only covers about 40 million people. Similarly, wireless broadband ISP Clearwire reported in May that its network – which is also used to offer service to Sprint, Verizon, and Time Warner cable subscribers – only reaches 41 million people. At the same time, mobile broadband subscriptions are expected to surpass 1 billion worldwide by 2013.There’s currently an enormous supply and demand gap to be filled, and when that happens, it will enable a whole new wave of social media innovation.”


“Most new outfits we see today — whether working to make television more interactive, make reading more social, or make listening to music a shared experience – are thinking about how to leverage the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as opposed to how to build the next mega social network.”


Did you know that new cars such as the Infiniti offer blue tooth streaming from your Ipod?  Pretty cool right? “…now, with Internet-connected television, anyone is going to be able to gain access to the living room. Blip (BLIP).tv, a company that bet on this trend early, recently reported that its shows – which air solely online and on connected devices – are being viewed nearly 100 million times per monthRadio is likely to see a similar shift. Late last year, we saw the LTE Connected Car concept unveiled – an idea that will become increasingly close to reality with expanded 4G coverage. Already, we’ve seen Ford make a play in this arena, letting you stream music from Pandora over your car stereo.”


“We’re…starting to see behavioral shifts take place as a result of this [shifting] trend, as evident with the growing acceptance of location sharing apps and even apps that share your credit card purchases.  Invariably, there will be products, people, and trends that further dictate where the next five years of social media take us. But the overarching themes of connectivity, portable identity, and the continued democratization of media will drive much of it, making the social media landscape we inhabit five years from now a much expanded but in fact markedly similar one to that we know today.”

Read the full article linked above and go ahead and embrace social media!

What did you do today?


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