It’s Time to Freshen Up Your Resume!

It’s a new school year and a new job search year!  Lets start it off on the right foot and the way to start any job search is to first have a resume you can send around to potential employers, followed by a cover letter.

These tips are more for those who already have a resume and are looking for a way to freshen it up a bit…thank you and Career Builder.  Read the full article and learn more about the status of the job search, six months to a year is now considered “the norm.”

1. Make sure your objective has an outward focus: “If you choose to include an objective on your résumé, make sure it addresses the employer’s needs.”

2. List accomplishments, not duties: “Most duties can be turned into accomplishments through quantifying them or stating how you met or surpassed the goal of the assignment.”

3. Don’t list out-of-date or irrelevant skills: “Although entry-level job seekers sometimes include a section of “interests” on their résumé, the space-filler has no place on the résumé of older workers.”

4. Make sure your resume is search-engine optimized: “If your résumé doesn’t include…keywords, there’s little chance that your application will ever reach the desk of a hiring manager.”

5. Put your best features in bold: “Make it easy for hiring managers to skim your résumé for important qualifications by putting in bold type any skills, honors and experiences that support your candidacy.”

Good luck, and check out my other Resume Tips!

What did you do today?


4 thoughts on “It’s Time to Freshen Up Your Resume!

  1. From an underemployed lawyer to an unemployed MBA grad:
    The September issue of O magazine has an article featured on the cover called “Find Your Dream Job: O’s 3-Step Make-It-Happen Plan”. I don’t usually like Oprah’s peddling of self-improvement projects centered around spanks and Suze Orman, but I did find THIS article a worthwhile read. For one thing, there’s an interesting side by side comparison of a resume make-over that gave me a lot to think about in terms of my own resume. And for those of us that haven’t really shifted gears from internet searches to in-person networking, the necessity is really driven home in this article.

    And I really like your blog. it’s providing a valuable service to many. Thanks!

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