Dumbing Down…Job Positions?

I hope everyone had a great labor day!  I made sure to wear some white jeans since it is officially the last day you can wear them…although I like to break the rule now and then.

Upon my return from a camping trip I got back to the job search and noticed that a few jobs I had applied to months ago had popped up again.  At one company the same job has been re posted about three times now. The difference?  Each time, the responsibilities get dumbed down, and in some cases so does the title.  What gives?  As I apply and re-apply I’m still waiting to find out what it is that may put me out of the running.  In a way it’s encouraging to see that we are not the only ones who have to dumb down our resumes and credentials.  However, I wonder why companies are doing this.  Are there not enough applicable candidates?  Are the candidates they are seeing over/under qualified? Have they promoted someone else from within?

Does anyone have an answer for this phenomenon?

What did you do today?


7 thoughts on “Dumbing Down…Job Positions?

  1. I think it is a sign that the company does not know what they want, and the job description becomes a moving target as they try to ascertain how they want to fill the job, and how much they want to pay after they interview candidates. I think it is a BAD sign, and personally, would not continue to re-apply for a job, I would consider that I dodged a bullet in not taking a job where the company was so indecisive.
    Best wishes in your continued job search and thank you for all your thoughts and tips!!

    • Hi Lisa. I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend. I agree with you, the first time I applied and actually interviewed I actually never found out whether I made the cut or not. If it wasn’t for a recruiter badgering the HR woman we would have never got an answer. It’s just a brand that would be a lot of fun to work for but I think I’ll have to let them make their own indecisions without me.

  2. I’ve noticed that happening to me in the last few months. I can only assume they wanted someone younger or I totally botched the interview.
    It’s very annoying especially when you really WANT to know why you weren’t selected. I’m going on 2 years job-free!

  3. They “dumb down” the role so they justify paying you less when actually you have to do more when your actually in the role.

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