You’re Still in the Running-not a good thing to hear.

We all know the obvious way recruiters let us know that the hiring manager may not be interested…simply by not calling us back, ever, or sending a canned response saying they have chosen someone else.

What about other phrases?  Often in life we take a “maybe” to mean “sure thing!” and “yeah, she’s ok” as “oh my god! he’s in love with me!”  How naive…Well, recruiters do the same thing. At times they try to string us along and we pretend like we had no idea.  Here are 5 phrases that Liz Ryan tells us to look out for.

1. We’re going to look at some other candidates

2. We also have some qualified internal candidates

3. You’re still in the running

4. We need to decide what kind of person we’re looking for

5. We’re going to sit down and discuss all of the candidates next week

Some of these are obvious but 3 and 5 are shocking.  Read the full article to see the “logic” behind all 5, The Savvy Networker, 5 Underhanded Ways Hiring Managers Say They’re Not Interested.

I know that Hurricane Earl may be on its way to the North East but I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

What did you do today?

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7 thoughts on “You’re Still in the Running-not a good thing to hear.

  1. Regarding #2, I’ve heard that one. I’ve also heard from HR that it was policy to place ads for the job whether or not they would ever consider someone from outside. This happened to me at Hasbro. It sucked to have everyone love you only to be irrelevant anyway.

    Regarding #3, unless it’s Tyra Banks saying that to you… Funny, I would have thought that one was OK, especially if you keep getting interviews scheduled and progress is made.

    I guess it comes down to “are they leaving you free (in any way) to be hired by someone else”? If the answer is yes, kiss off.

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