When Customers Attack your Brand

So far this week I’ve written about the importance of your CEO being on social networks.  Today I’d like to talk about customers attacking your brand via social networks and how easy it can be to diffuse the problem via social media.

I read a great article titled, How to Respond When Social Media Attacks Your Brand.  One thing I will say is that if your brand is not present on such sites as Facebook, Twitter or have someone blogging about it, it will be much harder to get through an issue like this.  In a matter of minutes and even seconds people can get behind a movement that speaks ill of your brand and if you’re not there to put a stop to it things will get worse very quickly.

By keeping a watchful eye on what your customers are saying, your marketing department will be ready to tackle any negative press.

Think about the latest Jet Blue incident.  In a matter of hours after the story broke about the flight attendant who swore at a disgruntled passenger and then fled the scene via an emergency slide, groups regarding this story popped up all over Facebook and other social networks. People who had wanted to do exactly what this man did chimed in and even went as far as creating t-shirts with the phrase “Quite Your Job with Style.”  I am also sure that people will be using the catch phrase, “I’m going to pull a Steve Slater” for quite some time.

Well, what did Jet Blue do?  Not a whole lot from what I read. Quite honestly they didn’t really need to do much seeing as Jet Blue the company didn’t actually do anything wrong.  However…and this is purely my opinion, it is interesting that soon after this incident Jet Blue began offering its All You Can Jet flight package again. Coincidence?  Perhaps.  But could it also be a way to stifle the social media fire?  Possibly.

My point? It is now extremely important to get your brand on line, and by on line I mean on a social network.  Get someone in marketing involved and make sure they are there to diffuse fires and respond to customers who are both happy and unhappy with their experience.  The more happy customers you have the more positive branding you will get.  Don’t have anyone in your marketing department who can do a good job at this?  Good news!  I can help! 🙂

Not convinced?  Read the full article to see other great examples of how Ann Taylor, Southwest Airlines and Pretzel Crisps succeeded by going social.

What did you do today?


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