Is Your CEO Social?

Ok, ok I know that I haven’t shared too many job searching tips lately but those who read my blog should know by now that I have a passion for social media and when I come across a hot bed of great articles I just have to share them with you!  Where would we be if no one shared information they came across?  (Also, if you are looking for other job related tips you should check out my Jobs.Ideas.Networking group on Facebook.)

First, information sharing started with word of mouth with the words, “The British are coming!” then we had radio, television, newspapers and now here we are in the age of social media where everywhere you look you are being surrounded by information.

These days, the majority of senior management is still getting their news either through the radio, television, newspapers or online. Simply put, ” None of the CEOs of Fortune Magazine’s top 100 global corporations have a social profile [and there was] no obvious presence [of] any of the 100 CEOs on Facebook or LinkedIn.”  Even Steve Jobs doesn’t have a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profile! In such an up and coming age, how is that possible?  Well, my guess is that these people have “made it” and see no need to interact in this “hip” new way.  Just like my grandfather doesn’t like rock music, these folks could care less about the social media movement.  If what they are doing works, then why fix it?

What about us “hip” kids?  Well, apparently those of us who go online, spend 22.7% of our time on social networking sites!  If this is true, then how can a company with a CEO who could care less about social media, and just wants it to go away, succeed?  I hate to say it, but this is only going to get bigger.  Just like with the growth and innovation of the telephone, social networking will just continue to grow and evolve.  The quicker everyone learns about it, the easier it will be to adjust with the times!

For those CEO’s curious about entering the social age, George Colony, CEO of Forrester Research, offers the following advice:

1. Target the right audience

2. Define a clear reason to be social

3. Set up social expectations

4. Choose the right platform

Good luck and get social!

What did you do today?

Here are the two articles I referenced:

The Social CEO Part One: Most CEO’s Are Not Social

How CEO’s Will Use Social Media in the Future


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