The Power Suit!

Everybody is talking about back to school fashions, well…what about back to work?  I guess I’m more referring to summer ending and those who are working need to think about putting away dresses and pulling out pants and tights to wear under skirts.  Clearly, I’m referring to the women in the workforce.

Regardless of whether you are just heading into the fall season at work or are looking for your next job the power suit is important.  Personally, I hate my suit. I’ve been thinking for months about how it’s time to update my look, especially since it plays so much into the first impression other people get about you.

Since we are now entering our third day of rain, instead of writing a lot I thought I’d instead put together a little collage of what I think is the perfect power suit.  I hope you enjoy and I look forward to any feedback about what you think does or does not work.  And…here is an interesting article I read during my search.  Are you also surprised that wearing a skirt suit is more effective?

What did you do today?


3 thoughts on “The Power Suit!

  1. not I am not surprised, we still live in a world where woman can impress not only with knowledge, but also by how she looks

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