Inbound Marketing, The Gift That Keeps on Giving.

There are three parts to successful Inbound Marketing: SEO, Content and Social Media.

Out of all three, I am most comfortable with the last two.  I hope that all of my blogging has shown that I can deliver content and sharing this content via my blog, Twitter, Facebook and a few other outlets should show that I can successfully reach my readers through social media.

What is all of this leading to?  Well, the importance of adding inbound marketing to your marketing mix!  When the big bucks stop for outbound marketing, such as tv and magazine ads, the leads may stop as well.  However, with inbound marketing you aren’t the one chasing customers, the customers are chasing you through all of your modes of communication. Hence why inbound marketing is the gift that keeps on giving.

As you begin exploring the different sites on which you can share your content, you should also be testing what type of content works for you and your organization.  Not all companies can reach their audience via blogs or Twitter. A part of their audience may still expect brochures or white papers instead.  What’s the silver lining?  Content used for social media should be and can be re purposed!  And to boot, you will be saving money!

Speaking of saving money, here are a couple of great tools, that are free, to help your business get started in inbound marketing.  These are also the tools I used as research for this blog entry.  But don’t forget, in order to succeed, you need people who enjoy inbound marketing and will do anything to generate leads for your company…perhaps someone like me! 🙂

Measuring What Happens in Inbound Marketing

Online Marketing Blueprint

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