How to Successfully Use Facebook for B2B Purposes

I have to put a disclaimer on today’s topic right away, although I’ve had and voiced all of these opinions these particular tips are not my own.  I have been downloading some fantastic ebooks from Hubspot and today I wanted to highlight one titled Guide to B2B Facebook Pages.

Here are 5 tips for a successful Facebook page.  Your company can’t succeed without these!

1. Build an active wall: I can’t stress this one enough!  Content, content, content!  You can’t survive without content just like you can’t survive without producing a product or a service.  You also need to market your product or service, so encourage people to “Like” your page.  Lastly, make sure to communicate WITH your audience.  Don’t just put up content.  If someone comments on your wall or poses a question, please answer that person.  There’s nothing worse than being ignored.

2. Use photos: There’s nothing more interactive than pictures and videos.  With the digital age being what it is now, you can upload images from anywhere.

3. Use video: Please see above 🙂

4. Highlight offline marketing: Once you’ve garnered some respect, and a following, bring people to other places where your brand may be featured, at a race or in a certain industry magazine where you are being featured.

5. Use calls to action: This is basically like Google ads.  When you type in what you’re looking for then the ad words get picked up and you are shown similar items you may be interested in along the right hand side.  Why not do this on your Facebook page?  However, this time you know that people are looking for your specific product or service which is an instant plus!

Check out the ebook to see some examples of successful Facebook pages as well as other resources for building an effective page for your business.

What did you do today?


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