Tweeting for Connections

I’ve written about using Social Media as part of your job search so today I wanted to share some new interesting information I found about using Twitter as one of your job searching tools.

I came across a great article titled, Career Networking Tips: Get Started on Twitter.  Here Charles Purdy of Yahoo! HotJobs shares that only 10% of businesses are NOT using social media as part of their marketing strategy. If that’s the case, then all 100% of us job seekers should be using all these new media outlets to our advantage!  You don’t want to be left behind like the other 10% of the companies out there!

Besides the basic steps of setting up an account and choosing an appropriate user name, the following tips are ones I am most interested in:

Start Participating: Start slow. Get your feet wet by seeing who is out there. If you like the news then look up CNN, The Boston Globe or any other newspaper.  It may even be easier if you go to the newspaper’s website and check to see if they are on Twitter, these days this sort of thing is displayed prominently on the front page.  If you find a story you like, then share it with others.  Twitter, in my opinion, isn’t as fun when all you are Tweeting about is what you’ve done or eaten that day. Share content!  It’s the only way to build a reputation as a reliable source.

Gain Followers and Build Your Reputation: I have been trying to build a reputation for a while now but just recently I’ve really been trying to ReTweet stories I find interesting and share stories I have found that I think might interest others.  Follow me: Linder83

Stay Involved Online:  Just as I’ve said before, consistency and new content are key!  If you start something, then finish it.  Once you’ve begun Tweeting or blogging you have to do it on a consistent basis. Make sure your audience knows what that basis is, once a day, once a week or once a month. You can always do more, but you shouldn’t do less.

Get Back from Twitter: Once you’ve built a solid reputation and have been following some noteworthy sites, expand your search to companies you could see yourself working in.  Begin to follow them and when the time is right, and a position opens up that is of interest to you, jump at the chance to Tweet directly or send a direct message.  There’s nothing better than being front and center in the resume pile!

What did you do today?


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