Recently, I was in Manhattan and got a chance to grab a copy of Time Out New York. I love this magazine! I guess it’s an equivalent to our Improper Bostonian but I feel that the New York version has a lot more reading material and has a much more advanced website with more tips of what one can do around town.

Anyway, I was happy to see that this particular issue highlighted some jobs and companies people could get into, such as Tumblr and Elle!  Each article talked about the working culture at the company and how one could find a job there.

The other article I enjoyed was in regards to networking and how it doesn’t stop online.  We should all try to meet as many people as possible, as no connection is a bad connection.  I am even branching out and going to a Brand Camp tomorrow at Jack Morton Worldwide.  If I can’t find a job in this industry then this is the next best thing.  I’m looking forward to finding out how companies work with an ad agency and what a typical day looks like for those working in this industry.  Of course, I am also looking forward to making some great new connections, I plan to cut up my personal business cards so I can give them to people I would like to keep in touch with.

What’s my point?  As I’ve said before, try new things, join new groups or ones that fit into your hobbies and meet new people!  You never know how someone could help you or you them.

What did you do today?

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