Handling Tough Interview Questions

It’s been a while since I linked my blog over to the Doostang Blog.  Having had some recent interview experience I wanted to approach the subject again and hopefully help some of you as the “summer slowdown” comes to an end and you begin interviewing again.

The Doostang Team talks about three questions in particular:

What Are Your Long Term Goals? These days, or at least when the economy was good, people move on from companies quite often.  A lot of the time the reason may be a general feeling of unhappiness, but I’m sure that even more often it’s because there is no growth.  You get stuck in one position and it’s been made clear that that will be your job until you take things into your own hands.  Tell your interviewer that you’d like to be a part of a company that promotes growth and that you’d like this new job to become your career.

Why Do You Want to Work For Us? The answer to this question can be tied into the one above.  If you have been shown that departments are growing and you know this place would be a good fit for you then express that.  Make sure to also do your homework and if there are some interesting news and events that have happened recently mention that you would like to be a part of such an environment and the company’s future successes.

Are You Overqualified for This Position? I can’t say that I can add any personal anecdotes to this answer so I will hand this one off to the Doostang Team’s experienced writers, “Talk about how the company needs solid individuals, and that your hope is to establish a strong presence in the company that allows you to move up and make a difference in your area of expertise.  A growing company needs reliable, proven people, and therefore you would be an excellent fit for any position.”

What did you do today?

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