Acing Your Job Interview

Today’s tips come from a source I would usually not look at for this type of thing.  Who knew Women’s Health Magazine writes about jobs and interviews as well?

The article breaks the process down from deciding what to wear, to not looking flustered as you walk though the front door and answering “behavior questions” the right way.

I’m going to highlight the parts I thought were most interesting and ones that we may not think of when preparing for an interview:

1. When getting ready, think about throwing on a memorable necklace, if you are a woman, to stand out from the pack!

2. Before the true interview begins, as you are perhaps walking through a hallway or riding in an elevator with an HR manager, think about a few things you can talk about.  The weather is always a safe bet.

3. Don’t forget to lean in and keep eye contact while interviewing!  This makes you look interested in what the other person is saying.

4. When asked about your biggest weakness, try the “sandwich technique.”  Start with a positive statement, then throw in a negative and end with a positive.

5. When it’s your turn to ask the questions, don’t think that asking whether the hiring manager has any doubts about you as a candidate is a bad idea.  This will allow you to address any issues right then and there.

6. End the interview by expressing interest in the position.

Read more about Acing Your Job Interview here.

Good luck and what did you do today?

One thought on “Acing Your Job Interview

  1. kadu ecklesu tu valkaasi ? :-))
    relax un runa par visu ko tu esi darijusi, un noteikti highlight to Serono, 99% cilveeku NAV stradajushi pat tuvu zinatnej un Biotech companijam, bet tu esi, lai pat tev nevajadzesst dariit neko ko tu dariji tur tu zini atmosferu tadas vietas!
    brake leg 🙂

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