Resume Gaps

Good evening everyone!  I was very excited to see that Career Builder posted an answer to a question many of us want answered, “How do you handle resume gaps and how do hiring managers look upon them?”  Unfortunately, when I clicked on the article, the question wasn’t an answer at all.

Hence, although I am not an HR director, here are my tips for how to fill gaps in your resume. (For those of you who read my blog, some of these may be repeats.)

1. Volunteering: This is my number one suggestion.  I have been volunteering for an ad agency and have acquired some great skills that I have been able to add to my resume.  I am even going to a day long “camp” at another agency, Jack Morton to be exact, to learn about what happens during a typical day.  Why not expand my knowledge while I have the time!?!

2. Part time work:  I realize that even this kind of work is hard to come by these days.  With fewer shoppers, retailers are forced to cut back hours and cut back staff.  For that reason, I am glad that I got my part time job when I did, off season.  However, with back to school and the holidays I am sure that finding a part time job should be easier once again.  It has now been almost six months and I finally feel comfortable adding this job to my resume.  I wanted to wait until I acquired some transferable skills and until enough time had passed.  I wanted it to looked like I am dedicated to the work I do, even if it is part time.

3. Networking/Joining social groups: Networking may not have landed me a job yet but it has certainly expanded my social network.  About a month ago I began running with City Sports and it not only makes me feel healthier but it has also allowed me to meet new people.

4. Certifications: Marketing is heading towards social media.  I knew it couldn’t hurt to get certified as an Inbound Marketing Professional.  Since then, I’ve been talking up Hubspot like it’s my job and have gotten more of my friends into social media and getting certified!

5. Education:  Currently I am learning more about InDesign, an Adobe product, which is used for newsletter and other collateral creation.  Once I have fully completed my studies I will write that I am an expert on my resume!  Expand YOUR skills and enjoy the benefits of standing out in the crowd, or at least knowing as much as other candidates.

I hope these tips have helped some of you and…what did you do today?


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