The Summer Slow Down

With a lot of hiring managers on vacation what are we left to do during the summer slow down?  Here is what I have been working on:

1. Part Time Work: I have been expanding my network at my part time job and have been able to assist in some pretty great retail related projects.  Now I am confident that I can add this experience to my resume!

2. Job Search: Just because everyone else is on vacation does not mean that you should be stopping your search.  Get ahead and once September rolls around, wait (and hope) for the phone to start ringing!

3. Getting Outside: For a while, I lost all motivation to get outside and exercise.  My only exercise routine consisted of running with the City Sports Run Club on Tuesday evenings.  That is, until I got an e-mail from Women’s Health about some great workouts.  I haven’t looked back since and have been back on the exercising horse.

4. Networking: I have been networking like crazy.  If you follow me on Twitter, Linder83, you’ll see that I’ve been tweeting up a storm about all the things I’m interested in; social media, fashion, fitness, food, the list goes on.  I have also upgraded to a Job Seeker “Premium” account on LinkedIn and am beginning to explore the things I can do with that, such as send InMail’s!

5. Taking Care of Number 1: That’s YOU!  I took a drive to Rockport one day to re-group.  I decided that day in and day out I sit by the laptop and phone waiting for that one phone call which will put me in a good mood.  That day, I decided to take the reigns of my happiness into my own hands and drove to the beach.  After a chat with a lovely older lady, some clam chowder, a strudel and some sun I felt re-energized.

I look forward to your tips on staying busy during “the summer slowdown.”

What did you do today?


4 thoughts on “The Summer Slow Down

  1. If I can ever help you by giving you some ideas, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you have as much savvy as you seem to have and as much ambition too boot? You should create you won inbound marketing firm!


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