Leveraging Social Media for Business

I just read and commented on a great article on adage about a study that says that Most Brands are Still Irrelevant on Twitter.

What’s my take on the subject?  Most marketing departments are just now realizing the true value of social media.  However, with the hiring freeze some of these companies are experiencing, they are not able to hire a person who will solely focus on expanding a company’s reach on such sites as Twitter and Facebook or through a blog.

Instead, these companies are making existing employees, who already have to do their job and that of two other people who have been laid off, update Twitter feeds and blog posts.  What happens?  A blog isn’t updated for weeks or months.  A Twitter feed becomes a place where the company just talks about itself, rather than being creative and engaging its audience.  Lastly, a Facebook wall is simply updated with stories, which is great, but when a reader comments on them, they never hear back from someone at that company.  What’s the point?  You are just wasting your time and tarnishing the image of the company.

Look at such companies as LLBean, Loft, City Sports Boston Run Club and J’s Everyday Blog.  They are always talking TO their customers/readers.  If I want fashion or outdoor advice, I know someone in the industry will write back to me.  Fellow reader comments are always appreciated, but in that case I could just as easily ask my friends.

So what do companies need to do?  Hire people like me! 🙂

I understand that executives are always saying, “Social media is a great idea but how do we measure ROI?” I’d have to say that, just like there is no promise of significant return on such things as web ads, TV commercials and radio plugs there may not be a promise of thousands of dollars of return on social media.

HOWEVER, here are two significant places you WILL save money:

1. You will be saving on the actual placement of these ads!  Outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and a blog allow you to talk up your brand for no cost at all. You can write about product improvements and updates, upcoming releases or just talk about whats going on in the industry.  Just make sure to engage your audience!

2. Save your sales team from spending the majority of their time on lead generation!  Now your sales team will be able to spend more time on nurturing the leads that you have generated through conversations and ReTweets on Facebook and Twitter.  The sales team will now be more effective in the execution of their communications and in the meantime, more leads will be generated by someone simply updating your company content and engaging potential clients and customers.

Wouldn’t this be a happy little world?  I only wish that more companies would embrace this new way of marketing and hire people like me who are passionate about all the new avenues that can be explored to grow a business!

Having an employee who is already swamped with work update your content will not suffice.  Going about things “the cheap way” will not allow you to see the true potential of social media.

What did you do today?

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4 thoughts on “Leveraging Social Media for Business

  1. Such a great article, and you make excellent points! Someone once told me that it’s the 10-20 people who follow your Facebook page and comment on everything that really matter. Not the 20,000 people who aren’t engaged. I hope more companies read this and take your advice!

    ps. Thanks for the shout-out! I’m also available for hire if anyone needs help with social media, esp. in regards to fashion. 🙂


    • Thanks, J! It seems to me you are doing everything right in terms of marketing your site and I look forward to you having your own column in Marie Claire one day! 🙂

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