Online Job Search

After having written about Twitter and using it to find a new job, I was happy to see an article talking about Online job board etiquette.

I’ve said it before, content matters and communication should be a two way street.

When using Twitter, don’t just find the company you are interested and write to them about wanting a job.  Begin by talking about subjects relevant to the job  and share links you think people in those industries would be interested in.

As for LinkedIn, this is not a typical social media site.  You should not be putting updates about your day on here.  Instead, link people to news that may be of interest and always think about the HR manager as any good recruiter, hiring manager or HR manager should check out a person’s LinkedIn page.

Facebook:  Just keep in mind that everything can be seen these days.  If all of your permissions are set so that strangers can’t look at your entire profile, then make sure your picture doesn’t give it all away.

So what does Elizabeth Garone say are the top 5 mistakes online job hunters make?

1. Forgetting Manners- “If you use Twitter or you write a blog, you should assume that hiring managers and recruiters will read your updates and your posts.”

2. Overkill- “Blanketing social media networks with half-done profiles accomplishes nothing except to annoy the exact people you want to impress: prospective employees trying to find out more about on you.”

3. Not Getting the Word Out-“…when it comes to job hunting…if no one knows you’re looking, that’s a problem, too.”

4. Quantity Over Quality- “Choose connections wisely; only add people you actually know or with whom you’ve done business.”

5. Online Exclusivity- “When job-seekers choose to search for jobs exclusively online — rather than also include in-person networking — they may be missing out on ‘hidden’ opportunities”

I’m looking forward to your tips as well.

What did you do today?


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