What is Your TRUE Value?

At this month’s Girls Night Out a topic came up about true value.

We all put so much emphasis on our accomplishments.  If we don’t get that next job then it must mean we’re not good enough.  There are also those people who in one way or another “delete” their friends or family from their lives while they focus on their career.  Where does all of this get us?

We don’t go around saying, “Let me introduce you to so and so.  He/she is a successful VP of company X, you would really like him/her.”   Most of the time we are humble about our accomplishments, for the exception of when we are interviewing.  In that instance, I say toot your own horn!  Tell them why you’re great and a good fit, but don’t walk around with a sign on your back saying, “Successful Senior VP!”

What am I getting at?  Well, what is YOUR true value?  I would have to say that if your friends value your opinion and call you when they are in a bind then you have accomplished something.  You can be very successful at your job but have no people skills what so ever. What does that leave you with?  A day time job and no personal life.

Make sure you have a life outside the office as that is, in my opinion, the true meaning of success.  Why? Because if you are ever unemployed then it is that “other life” that you rely on.  Don’t lose everything when you lose your job!

Join the Girls Night Out gals on August 11th for some yoga by the Charles River, led by Marta Minnetyan, followed by some drinks.

What did you do today?


5 thoughts on “What is Your TRUE Value?

  1. Hey Hey!

    Great post! You know, its really hard for women to talk themselves up because we’ve been asked by society to take a back seat and stay in the ‘private space’ of the home. For that reason, women still have a hard time talking about their accomplishments.

    On the other hand, some women are now over compensating for this by being TOO pushy. I heard this great quote on Mad Men which I think sums up what we should do and its “be a women, its more powerful.”


    • Great advice, Sai! 😉 But you are right, I’m certainly not saying the feminist movement needs to come back and we should burn our bras but perhaps “growing a pair” can’t be the worst thing.
      Have a good weekend!

  2. Regarding the subject of having a life outside of all of the planning and strategy…I received some great advice recently. It is that life is what is happenning while we are busy making plans…that really struck a cord with me. I think we all tend to get so wrapped up with what we ought to be doing, what are our ‘roles’ and what will we become, that we lose sight of who we already are and our wonderful gifts.

    In that, I am deciding to just LIVE for a bit, forget about pushing so hard to figure it all out. Short term, attainable goals. It’s so easy to forgett that it is while we are living that we end up meeting those people who take us to our next ‘gig’ if you will…or at least the RIGHT one!


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