Using Twitter to Land a Job

One of the first companies I followed was LL Bean and I was pulled into Twitter because of their great customer service!  When I wrote to them about not being able to make a race they were having, I got a Tweet right back!  Now that’s reaching out to your customers and using social media to your advantage!  Good job LL Bean!

I came across an article on Newsweek titled Tweet Your Way to a Better Job and felt inclined to try out this method, or at least add it to my networking repertoire.  I’ve decided to look into some of the companies I’ve applied to and see if they are on Twitter.  Seeing as I’ve exhausted all of my free “introductions” on LinkedIn, why not use Twitter as an introduction?!?

Why not throw parts of your resume into your Twitter message, if you are using it to network and land your next job?  Mention that you are a marketing professional, a product marketer or are fashion or sports minded.  Then ReTweet a message from a company you have an interest in and mention a similar topic you may have come across.

Good luck and let me know how this medium works out for you!

What did you do today?

3 thoughts on “Using Twitter to Land a Job

  1. Hey!

    So I’ve actually had great experience using Twitter to connect to people at companies that I’m interested in! I actually found someone at an Agency that I’ve been dying to work for who was able to pass my resume along to HR. In addition, during an interview I found out that people were following me on my twitter and then reading my blog from there. While I may only have 50 followers, turns out some of them are really good followers!

    I deffo recommend using Twitter to get in touch w/ companies. They really seem to remember you and take an interest in what you are doing when you talk to them via twitter. Just make sure your conversation is genuine and not simply, “I want a job with your company.”


    • Thanks for the great feedback! I’m glad to hear that Twitter has worked for you. I figured it’s time to explore new ways of finding a job. It’s been too long since I’ve been in the corporate world! I want my own cube that I can decorate 🙂

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