Rethink Your Tactics

After such a wonderful, and apparently controversial, topic yesterday (almost 450 of you logged on for a read!!!) I want to talk about more things to think about and consider as you look for a job.  We all hear the following advice…

“just apply to anything in your field”
“it doesn’t matter how high or low of a position it is”
“you have all this experience”
“they’ll hire you for a manager position”
“you might have experience but just apply for a secretary position”

Well, unfortunately I’ve also heard the response when applying for a lower or higher end job I felt I would be good at, that response has been…

“you are overqualified”
“you are under qualified”
“I see you have a background in international studies…this is not an international company, I think you may be bored”

So what are some other bits of advice we get that may not get us to where we want to be?  Alison Green of US News explored this topic with her article on 5 Myths That Are Crippling Your Job Search.

You can only get a job through connections these days-It may not be true, but I think that connections make your search a hell of a lot easier.  I love finding new people on LinkedIn that I can network with and send my resume to directly rather than the black hole.

If you can find the right gimmick to make your resume stand out, you’ll get the hiring manager’s attention– I’m not sure a gimmick is the right word, but I think you can certainly try new tactics to get a hiring manager’s attention.

I have my degree, so I don’t have to start at the bottom-Unfortunately, I know this one is a complete myth.  Having my degree is quite honestly hindering me from finding a job.  Ok, perhaps it’s not the main reason I can’t find a job, but I’ve certainly heard that an MBA is not necessary for a certain position, or a company is not global/international.  This is a pretty frustrating situation after three years of studies and a bunch of expenses and sacrifices.

You can’t show any weaknesses during an interview– I do disagree with this, but I don’t really see how a question of this type will really help a hiring manager to make decision between you and someone else…

If you can’t figure out what you want to do, you can just go to grad school– And this is how the MBA has become obsolete in the state of MA.  Everyone went back to school and now you have a bunch of grad students looking for work…

This post wasn’t meant as a “downer” on the job search but…more like some things to humble those who are looking for work.  In this market, we are all equal.  Entry level people and former senior managers are having an equally difficult time finding a job.

What did you do today?


5 thoughts on “Rethink Your Tactics

  1. You know, I’ve tried the same approach, just applying to any job and it stinks. It makes you feel like you’re applying to a ton of jobs and not hearing back when in reality, you’re just not qualified.

    • Exactly. I read that one woman was applying to 30 jobs a day. I’m not sure how that is productive. It just shows a big number of applications but how many of those jobs are actually any sort of fit for either party?

  2. Linda, I have a question that I’ve been grappling with in my mind, and I wanted to ask your opinion. I know it’s a little off-color, so please forgive me in advance. But, I’m wondering whether getting my resume from Suffolk will be an issue. With Harvard, MIT, BU, Bentley, and so many other excellent business schools in Boston, I fear (and maybe wrongly so) that Suffolk isn’t anything special in the minds of employers. Do you think that having “Suffolk” on my resume will be detrimental to my job search?

    • Hi Derek,
      Do you mean getting your MBA, not resume? Hm…good questions. The only thing I regret, which is stupid, is going for the global MBA. I love global business but in an economy such as this I’m afraid I won’t get use out the degree and quite honestly I’m planning on “dumming down” my resume and just writing MBA instead of Global MBA. I’m also not sure how other schools deal with their alumni but I kind of feel like, ok I spent my money on this degree and that’s where it ends. I’ve reached out about getting help maybe making a job connection, which I know Suffolk has MANY, and have gotten nowhere.
      So, to answer your question…I don’t think it’ll look poorly on your resume that you got a degree from Suffolk as I’m not sure how many other schools do as many international trips and etc as Suffolk does.

      Does this rant help at all? Hope you are having a great time in Argentina!

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