The Job Search as It Relates to Dating…

As I was getting ready for bed last night I realized that, hmm the job search is a lot like dating. And here is why…

1. When you look for a potential person to date, you, nowadays, explore your options in clubs, bars and sometimes even on line…sounds a lot like, networking and looking on job boards.

2. When you have found someone you are potentially interested in you tell them about yourself, learn about the other person and hope that the two of you click, perhaps you will begin texting or calling.–>This would be the resume stage and possibly the phone interview stage.

3. You set up a date!  You are so excited!  You prepare, shower, listen to some loud music as you get ready and dress to the 9’s!–>Whoohoo!  You’ve landed an interview and you’re so excited!  Maybe this is the one!?!  You prepare, shower, listen to some loud music on your drive over and dress to the 9’s in your suit!

4.  Things seemed to go well so you call or text this guy thanking him for a great night and you hope to go out again.–>This has to be it!  You would be a great fit!  You send a thank you letter, express your interest and hope to hear back.

5. You hold out hope and don’t flirt with other guys because you really like this guy…but it’s been a week and you haven’t heard from him. What gives?–>You enjoy the high from the good interview and lay off the job search.  However, as we know, the HR person is not getting back to you.  What gives?

6. You’re sad and not sure why he didn’t like you, so you go out and do it all over again and hope that the next one will fit.–>You decide you can’t wait any longer and begin to put the feelers back out there and look for more jobs.

7. You’re in luck!  There are so many more fish out in the sea and after what you know about previous experiences you’ve found a few “fish” you’ll pursue.–>Good news!  There are lots more jobs out there and instead of setting your eyes on just one this time you hope to hear back from a few.

8. This tactic worked! You’ve got a couple of suitors after you!  But this time even if you get a date you decide you’re not gonna sit by the phone and will instead keep looking until one really sticks.–>You found a few possible leads!  But you decide to always keep looking and not settle until one thing really sticks.  No reason to keep living in la la land and thinking you should focus on just one job.

9. Oh my!  One of these guys is really chasing you!  He’s great, you like him, he wants to date you!–>You found a good opportunity!  The hiring manager is great and you like him or her and she/he wants to hire you!

10. You’ve spent some years dating and this really is it!  You want to get married, you solidify this with a marriage certificate and a party with your friends!  Congratulations!–>You’ve spent some time thinking and decide this job is it!  You say yes, and get a contract signed saying you’ll show up to work on Monday.  You celebrate by partying with your friends!  Congratulations!

And that my friends is why the job search is like the dating game!  Have a great weekend and thanks to 480+ of you who logged on to read my blog this week!

What did you do today?


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