Calling all Small Business Owners!

After a very interesting informational interview yesterday I have decided to do a sort of case study about those who have started their own business.  More importantly those who were laid off and have decided to take life into their own hands.

I am going to choose 5 stories and do a week long “exposé” on this new self employment trend.  Please shoot me a Comment and I will contact you about getting linked up and chatting about your experience.

I look forward to your responses!

As for me…I decided to embrace my creative side and do a little DIY project.  What do we think?

What did you do today?


One thought on “Calling all Small Business Owners!

  1. saac mekleet darbu Eiropaa, tas nenoziime ka tev ir uz turieni japarbrauc, bet ja nu viniem ir vajadziigi parstavji amerika?

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