Interview Questions

Earlier this month I had a phone interview which was a little different than others I have been a part of.

I set my interview time up through a web service and not a live person which made it difficult to find out who I was speaking with and what their name might be.  When it came time for the phone interview, I spoke with someone who seemed like just another phone operator.  That’s not to say that the woman did a bad job but it just felt like a very cold conversation and I found myself wondering if anything I said would get relayed back to a hiring manager.

The interview itself was very structured, not in the best sense of the word, and I felt like I was verbally filling out an online job application by answering where I have worked, during what dates, what I did there and why I left.  After having had a bunch of curve ball questions thrown at me in previous interviews, I’m not really feeling positive about the outcome of this interview as I don’t know how many people this woman may have spoken to and what she could possibly say about me.  At the end, I was told to call a customer service number in the case that I might have questions…about the status of my application.

I can’t say that I got the best feeling about the way the company interviews its potential applicants.  Unfortunately I can’t send a thank you note or try to get any follow up feedback.

I wanted to leave you with a great article about curve ball questions that is titled The Weirdest Job Interview Questions and How to Handle Them.

What did you do today?


6 thoughts on “Interview Questions

  1. I got a question that I’d never heard during my interview on wednesday. It was, is there anything you wish I had asked you? I was like, sure, I like talking about my experience in Germany….but I mean, that’s prob. not what this person wanted to hear!

    • Hm, interesting. Haven’t heard that one before. But I do like the response! Because you’re right, no one really asks about our international backgrounds…unfortunately because there aren’t a lot of international jobs out there.

  2. Linda,

    This post struck me quite a bit! I had the exact same experience a few days ago (I wonder if this was with the same company?). The phone “interview” was like you had described yours, like filling out an application, where questions were geared toward confirming contact information, dates of employment, and then a few more “normal” questions such as what was a big challenge you faced at your old job, etc. In trying to answer the more normal/expected interview questions, I would hear the interviewer typing my response for the first ten seconds or so, then stop, which of course made me worried that the full picture of my candidature would not be relayed to the hiring manager. Moreover, I asked for the full name of the person with whom I was speaking, for reference and so I could send a thank you message, and she refused to give me her full name, just her first name and last initial.

    Due to the nature of this interview, I felt at the end an imminent and detrimental discrepancy between my qualifications, experience, and interest in the job and the quality of information the decision-maker behind the next stage of the interview process would possess about me. Since I do not know anyone with whom to follow up, I the next two weeks will feel like a huge question mark over which I have no control.

    Best of luck to you in your search, and I hope the next encounter you have is much less curious!

    • Hi Vanilynne,

      I have a feeling it may have been with the same company as I heard the typing as well. I’m not going to put too much hope on this one and instead keep looking. Did you also get an automated e-mail saying they are looking at the phone interview and will let you know the outcome?

      Best of luck to you as well,

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