Back to Routine

I decided that today was going to be my “back to routine” day.  One of the biggest things I miss about having a job, besides the obvious benefits of health insurance and an income, is the routine.   I would wake up at 5:45 five times a week and go to the gym.  These days I’ve kind of lost the drive for that. My only routines are waking up at 7:55 and moving my car so I don’t have a ticket and running with the City Sports Run Club on Tuesdays…not much of a routine at all.

So this morning I woke up and went for a short 2 mile run.  I plan to get back to my running and some form of exercise which will prove to be much easier to do even without a gym membership…seeing as in a few short weeks the size of my living room will increase dramatically!  I am also looking forward to the Northeastern Alumni 5K and hopefully, if it’s happening, the Salve Regina Mansion Run.

Share your routine with me! What did you do today?


4 thoughts on “Back to Routine

  1. Hi- I think a routine keeps one from getting bored or frustrated.

    For me, it’s been developing some hobbies, finally doing some of the things I’ve always put off doing, and getting back into shape all these years!

    So I’m unemployed, but I think I’ll live longer 🙂

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