Keeping Up with Social Media

I suppose it’s only natural to round out this week with one more push to keep learning and keeping your skills up to date.  My current obsession with all things LinkedIn has led me to check out what events are happening in and around Boston.  Perhaps you’d like to attend these events as well.

Demystifying Social Media And Leveraging Its Power For Your Business: “You’ll learn how to get started with social media; which social media platforms make the most sense for your business; how to augment your marketing and business development strategies with these platforms; and how to find relevant followers; fans and friends, hence customers.”

Making Sense of Social Media – July Edition: You can read about a similar seminar I attended back in February. I learned about using Twitter and Facebook for your business and this time look forward to understanding FourSquare a little better.

I also plan to interview someone in regards to work contracts.  These days there are a lot of people taking on part time or contract work and many times those contracts are breached by the employers themselves.  I’ll look into what clauses you should pay attention to so you don’t get caught in a potential lawsuit.

Lastly, I hope to take part in a focus group which should be an interesting experience and I will fill you in on the outcome and what I learned from this type of marketing approach.

Have a great weekend and, what did you do today?

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