Rebuilding Your Brand

Well, we are all hearing about how Lindsay Lohan needs to rebuild her brand because she hasn’t been in any new movies in quite some time, goes out and parties, gets caught in scantily clad outfits, doesn’t attend AA and will now hopefully get some sort of jail time.  Where she will go from here on out is still up for debate but one thing is for sure, she will need to rebuild her brand to be once again seen as a hard working actress who people will want to invest in.

What does this have to do with us?  Well, we were doing great, we had a job, perhaps we were in school furthering our education but, in this case through no fault of our own, our reputation has in one way or another been “tarnished” by unemployment and now we have to prove all over again that we are worth it and employers should invest in us.

How do we do that?  Well, here are my baby steps to success, hopefully:

1. LinkedIn: After seeing a number of people from my previous employer get laid off, I noticed that the first thing that got updated was their LinkedIn profile.  All of a sudden there was a lot of new activity on people’s profiles, recommendations began flying around left and right and people began re working the wording on their profiles.  It’s great!  Reworking a resume takes quite a bit of time so why not rework your virtual resume first?  And remember this step for when you are employed again, always keep things up to date!

2. Resume: Here’s an easy tip.  Put your resume together and then send it out to someone for some feedback.  This could get expensive but here’s my tip!  The first round of feedback is usually free as they want to hook you after. So…why not send it for the first round a few times to a few different places?!?  Also, check out my post about not letting your resume fall flat that lists some cliche phrases you should avoid using.

3. Cover letters: This has to be your next step.  Every job application either strongly suggests that you attach a cover letter or has you write to an e-mail address where you simply have to write something in the body of the e-mail.  Look into some of my tips from previous posts, especially Cover Letters 101 and 102.

4. Social Network: Now that you have an updated LinkedIn profile, a resume you’re not embarrassed to send out and a cover letter that you can tweak for your applications you must get out there an network!  I have recently, in the last week, really embraced LinkedIn.  For every job I apply for I look into LinkedIn to check out who I can connect with.  So far I have to say I’ve been pretty successful at finding people who are really on top of their game and have responded to my inquiries.  Even if nothing comes of these connections right away, the fact that I have found someone to connect with and who I can now build a relationship with is key in a world where HR managers don’t respond back to you due to an overwhelming amount of candidates.

5. Self Promote: Toot your won horn a bit.  Who could be your biggest advocate than yourself!?!  Be positive, read the news so you can have something to talk about with interviewers and keep going on with putting yourself out there, whether it be via your network or through other social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter or any other industry network.

Follow these tips and get back on the horse…which will inevitably one day bring you to your next job!

What did you do today?


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