The Power of Networking

I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July weekend and enjoyed some bbq and fireworks.  I got a reprieve from the heat and frolicked on the wonderful Cape Cod sea shore.

I do have to say that towards the end of last week I was a little disheartened to come across an article from Career Builder that addressed employers not calling back candidates.  I encourage you to read the article but I have to say that some of the answers given by the hiring managers and recruiters weren’t all that great.  It still sounds like all of the kinks haven’t been worked out in terms of the influx in applicants and not enough time to respond to them all.  I am still an advocate for even a canned e-mail saying the position has been filled and I have to say that I completely agree with a fellow Girls Night Out attendee who said that if you meet someone face to face for an interview then some sort of communication should be expected.  It’s just common courtesy.

This week I decided to go into full networking mode and looked at some positions I had applied to and began to go through LinkedIn to figure out a way to find a person who I could connect with. I also implemented my google skills and succeeded in getting in touch with a new contact which makes me incredibly happy.  There’s nothing better than having a new connection that can help you in your search!

Stay hydrated and…what did you do today?


5 thoughts on “The Power of Networking

  1. I was trying to use my contacts last week to help a friend receive a interview at a local university. My contact told me that 337 people had applied for the job! Do you really think that the hiring manager read every resume? Networking is essential to finding your next job. I look forward to reading your blog.

    • Hi Kevin,
      Unfortunately I do not think that they read every resume and the new thing, in a lot of companies, is that they will not open any e-mail from internal employees in regards to a candidate. What I mean is, if you work at company X and your friend wants to apply there you would send an e-mail to HR in the hopes that they can bypass the other applicants. Well, a lot of HR managers have no interest in this and require your friend to be a part of the general pool. Unfortunate.

      However, what the majority of recruiters use are resume reader programs that simply search for key words in a resume. My advice is to put a key words section in your resume. It may seem silly but people in the resume industry are now suggesting this tactic.

      Good luck to your friend!

  2. I also think it may have been easier (relative term i guess) to find a job say 20 years ago. You would actually have to use a typewriter to create a resume, photocopy it, and then hit the pavement to actually drop it off at a company.

    The added effort to do so, prob lead to less applicants for one position.

    At least you could maybe talk to someone in the process of being out looking for work.

    The internet has just made the job search process one big frustrating task.

    Landing a job has come to the point of knowing the right person. It’s sad but a true fact of job search.

    I agree with your keyword section. It at least gives you fighting chance to beat the scanner.


    • It’s great to hear from you again, Manny!
      I agree with you, people would either physically go in or send in their resume via snail mail. But now, when the process is less time consuming, in the sense that you only need to spend time “on the road” if you are heading in for an interview, and less expensive, because you’re not spending money on stamps and envelopes, the job search and job application process has turned into one big free for all. In a way it’s great, but in other ways it’s quite the pain.

      • Sometimes networking events can be quite costly as well. I paid $50 (plus transportation) for a one hour panel discussion with two senior marketing execs from financial services orgs.

        Unfortunately, the event did not lead to any contacts for me.

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