Success Through Social Media!

Total months active: On the 4th of July it will be 6!

Total views: 8,685

Total posts: 86

Total comments: 178

Monthly number of average readers: 355

Average percentage of “regulars”: 23%

The above stats are for this blog!

So yes, I have to say that social media and blogging does work!  But it wouldn’t work without all of the readers I have acquired in the last 6 months!  I also have to thank for featuring my blog twice on their website.

To keep with this theme I would like to share a couple of great articles and one great website which I discovered thanks to Hubspot’s webinar about the Science of Facebook.

The World Cup of Social Media talks about the comparison between the World Cup and social media.  For example, not overpaying for a key player can be looked at as not overpaying for certain marketing initiatives.  Stick to your core competencies and get involved in social media which most of the time is…free!

What is the Lead and a Referral gives a great explanation between both.  It’s key to understand what a lead or referral is as employers will be looking for and expecting you to help with one or the other or even both.

And finally…all of you who blog or have any type of website should most definitely check out and put in the url to your site in order to find some fantastic statistics!

Have a great 4th of July and see you next week!

What did you do today?


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