290+ Job Applications Later…

After meeting with the “Girls Night Out” networking group I was encouraged to write about my recent facebook update, “you’d think that after applying to 290 positions I’d have a job by now…back to the drawing, a.k.a job, board.”

Yep…that’s right, and my new goal is to apply to 350 by the time my official one year mark rolls around on the 24th of July.

These positions aren’t just fluff positions that don’t require a cover letter or tailored resume.  I have a total of seven different cover letters that I then tweak for different positions.  I also have two different resumes.  This process is neither fun nor easy.  The 290 applications have gotten me into about 7 real interviews and perhaps about 5 more phone interviews.  That’s roughly a success of only 5%!

So what am I doing wrong?  I came across an article titled, “Ten Questions to Ask Yourself if You Still Don’t Have a Job.”  But before I get into the 10 questions and my answers to them, it looks like there may be a slim chance of hope in terms of unemployment extensions.  I encourage you to read the following article from boston.com, Extensions of jobless aid up for vote.

So, here we go. Ask yourself these questions and see if there is anything that you can tweak in your own search.

1. Are you networking? More so now than I have ever before.  I use my running sessions at City Sports to network, I have been reaching out to former interviewers and I have even written to my former Dean.

2. Are you limiting your search? I don’t think so…I use LinkedIn, indeed.com, startuphire.com, linkup.com, monster and career builder…the list goes on. Check out my Job Boards category for some other places you can search.

3. Are you targeting employers most likely to need your skills? I guess I haven’t done full on research but unfortunately the role I would ideally like to be in, working in an international company that is centered around consumer products…preferably athletic products OR doing social media and blogging, is very hard to find.  I could work on this section.

4. Are you spending enough time job hunting? I think my goal of 350 applications in a year says…yes, I do spend enough time job searching.   I suppose one might say “1 year? You should have been able to apply to more!”  Well, I try to apply to jobs that will truly benefit from my skills and truly fit my needs and the company’s.  That’s not to say I don’t apply to basic jobs…after all, I am working in retail at the moment.  Not exactly what one would hope to be doing after getting their MBA.

5. Do you follow up after sending your resume? I suppose I don’t, as most of the time you don’t know who to follow up with.

6. Are you even getting interviews? I am indeed. And from the feedback I’ve received I do well in them…what gives?

7. How are your interview skills? See above.

8. Do you send thank you notes after interviews? Most definitely!  Who doesn’t?

9. Do you follow up after the thank you note and interview? Yes indeed…especially because you don’t hear back from HR so you are left with constantly following up without much of a response.

10. Have you asked what you are doing wrong? I am a huge advocate of asking for feedback.  So far I’ve only been successful in receiving that from one hiring manager.

Good luck out there!  What did you do today?

7 thoughts on “290+ Job Applications Later…

  1. Hi Linda,
    Have you tried some recruitment/job agencies? Sometimes they work, other times they just tell you to email your resume and never respond.

    • Hi Manny,
      Yes I am in contact with The Creative Group here in Boston. They’ve been sending me a number of interesting positions but sometimes it’s just not a great fit for either party. However, I am hopeful that something interesting will come along soon.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Great post. Good luck reaching your goal of 350… just remember that the summer can be a slow time for business. So, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t find 60 more jobs to apply for in the next 3 weeks.

    As for Question #3, I think that’s an area you can easily cover. My advice: set up a Google ad words account to track key words like New Balance, Timberland, Puma, Reebok (and whatever other international athletic-wear brands are in the area), and marketing, jobs, opening, etc. When you do get an interview, you’ll be up on their latest activity. And finally, follow and comment on all of those companies’ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn feeds.

    I know you’re working hard at finding a job. Keep your head up and stay cool!


    • Thanks for the great tip, Alison! I’m beginning to do more with LinkedIn and like I said in yesterdays post, it was so refreshing to connect with someone who replied right back to me.

  3. Hey Girl!

    MAN! We need to meet up because I could learn a thing or two from you! I haven’t applied to nearly as many jobs as you, but I’ve also been a bit picky with what I want to do! Your tip about Craigslist was great btw, I got an interview off a job from there!


    • Good to hear about Craigslist. I have had some pretty decent luck finding jobs on there that aren’t listed anywhere. I get about being picky and I certainly haven’t applied to just “any” job…thankfully there are still jobs out there, now to land one of them! 🙂

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