Backdoor Candidates

Last week I wrote about Dumming Down your resume…so tonight I’d like to visit the topic of getting around having an “overqualified” resume.

I decided to search the New York Times and see what kind of tips were out there for those in a slightly different geographical area.  Well, I was happy that I was finally able to find a rosier outlook for those of us who are looking for work but are in the middle bracket…between entry level and senior management.

What the “How an Overqualified Job Candidate Clears the Hiring Hurdles” article talks about is networking and getting past HR.

It’s unfortunate that this is what the job search has come down to but unfortunately HR folks and recruiters are tasked with looking through hundreds of resumes and most of the time your resume may look just like another and to boot, you may have an MBA that they don’t require.  Hence, you have two things going against you.

In order to stand out and convince the hiring manager that you are worth it and won’t go running when something bigger comes along you should try to go through the backdoor.  If you know someone who can put in a good word, the reach out to them!  If this is THE job you want, then lay out your skills and tell them why you are worth investing in.

Good luck and…what did you do today?


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