Moving On…Down?

First of all, I’d like to thank Baskin Robbins for making my day a little sunnier.  After applying for yet another part time job, until one day I find something steady, I finally used my birthday scoop coupon!

I also checked in on Career Builders facebook group and saw that they were collecting questions they could ask HR managers during a conference they are going to.  One thing seemed clear, people are very frustrated and by my score these are the top questions Career Builder should ask:

1. Should we highlight our education, if we have an MBA? –> One HR manager chimed in and answered flat out that if an MBA is not called out in the job description then a lot of people may just pass on your resume because you are “overqualified.”

2. Why don’t HR folks let us know if we are or are not going to be hired after we interview?  Any response will do.

3. Is it true that HR managers pass on those who are currently unemployed?

I look forward to hearing what Career Builder finds out and will keep you posted.

What did you do today?

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