Running to Network

Well thank you all for reading my blog entry about dumming down your resume.  Today was the biggest readership day in about a month!

This evening I decided that it was time to start running again.  I had lost all motivation for one of my favorite sports and running 3 miles felt like climbing Mount Washington.  I had previously mentioned some free running groups in my June Will Be Outdoor Month entry, and decided that today was the day to get back on the horse.  Having registered for the Inaugural 13.1 in Boston I felt pretty unprepared seeing as the furthest I had run was a little under 5 miles…and that was about two weeks ago.

I got to City Sports on Boylston a little before 6pm and found out that Karhu, one of the sponsors for the 13.1 run was sponsoring today’s run.  After running and then learning more about the company I decided to talk to the people that were there from the marketing department.  What’s my point?  Networking can be done anywhere!

What did you do today?

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