Dumbing It Down

I hope everyone is happy that summer is officially here.  I myself had a wonderful birthday weekend and was able to capture it with my new camera!

Upon my return I had to start the week off at my part time job, at 7am.  As I may have said before, I enjoy the people I work with and I also enjoy being around fashion.  However, every now and again I just think, “is this what my undergrad and MBA are for?  To clean a store and help sometimes very ungrateful people dress themselves?”  On the other hand, it’s a job and it’s helping me get by.

So what am I possibly doing wrong?  The last entry talks about new tips for resumes and how to step it up.  But, should we be stepping it down?  An article on boston.com titled Job-seekers hope deflated resumes hold more appeal suggests just that.

Katie Johnston Chase says you should make your resume appealing but in this economy it may be smart to dumb down a few things, such as some certifications or some experiences.  It’s true that you may be overqualified for some jobs but it’s also true that we may not want to go back to entry level positions and earning what we did just out of college.  I don’t feel that my salary expectations are inflated, they simply reflect my experience and my educational level.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen as many jobs requiring an MBA.  I also have not seen many jobs that would allow me to leverage my international experience…hence why I don’t push that a lot on my resume or in my cover letters.

How will you sell your skills…unfortunately, in a dumbed down way?

What did you do today?


5 thoughts on “Dumbing It Down

  1. kadreiz dziive, lai tiktu uz priekshu, ir jaiet vienu soli atpakal
    kad mes atbraucaam uz Ameriku doma man gribejas labaratorija mazgaat traukus, kad es biju Latvija lab,manager un prieksh manis stradaja 3 cilveeki?
    Doma ka papus nesaprata , ka 24000 alga uz 4 cilvekiem ir pa maz?
    ir japielaagojas tiem apstakliem kas ir tagad un velak jaiet uz priekshu
    es domaju ja es nebutu mazgajusi tos traukus, es bebutu tagad pelnijusi5x vairak neka Sietla.
    Laiki mainiisies un tu busi uz “zalja zara” atkal, tici man

  2. It’s depressing. I read: “Dumbing down a resume is a way for job seekers to show that they are going to be respectful, said Akerlof, citing the “20 percent rule,’’ which states that bosses should be 20 percent smarter than their employees.” I’m eventually going to be seen as assertive, or haughty because I have opinions that my manager hasn’t considered.

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