Refreshing Your Resume

This weeks posts have so far revolved around inspiration and “growing a pair.”  Overall, I just came to a wall and was not at all inspired to keep going with this blog.  My friend JoAnne actually wrote an entry of her own titled “Who has time to blog?” after which I decided that I either need to anounce a hiatus from the blogging world or buck up and keep seeing where this will all take me.

After a few very frustrating days and a very interesting encounter, I ran into a woman I interviewed with a little while back and as it turns out she is the wife of a good friend of my boyfriends, I’ve decided that I should stop being pissed about not yet being employed and instead think about my short term goals and how I can change some things up. (The reason for my frustration is due to the fact that my time line, and wish, was that I would have a job by the time my birthday rolled around…well, that day is tomorrow and here we are.)

Now, on to being optimistic:

In a few of the marketing job postings I’ve seen, a knowledge of the program InDesign is required.  I looked the program up and have had an open tab on my computer for it. So far it’s been a week and I haven’t done anything about that but with a pretty open week coming up I’ve decided to keep learning as much as I can and plan to take some basic In Design courses on line.  If you are looking to learn more about this program here are a couple options for online classes:

Seneca Design and Training

Marrutt Software Training

But first, you may want to download the program from Adobe Downloads.

So, I’m hoping that by learning this new program I will stretch my skill set and be able to add another buzz word to my resume.

And…speaking of buzz words brings me to refreshing your resume.  A friend of mine is looking for a new job and has begun revising her resume.  She reached out to me in the hopes that along with all of the other services out there I could take a look at her resume as well.  First she sent it out to get tweaked by a professional who gave her the following tips.  I have decided to share them with you because they are ones I had not come across myself but plan to implement now.

At the top of your resume, under your name, address and phone number you should have a title.  This title should reflect the title you hope to have.  I would advise that you change this up depending on the job you are applying for as Brand Marketing Manager may not apply to a Marketing Communications opening.

The next part should be a paragraph about your accomplishments and how you will help a company if they hire you.  Following this paragraph you should have a little area with a list of keywords.  I have talked about the importance of key words in a resume but have never seen a resume with a specific section for them.  If you’re not entirely sure where to start then look at LinkedIn which generates some key words for you in their “specialties” section.

For example, mine would be the following:

* International Marketing * Inbound Marketing Professional * Product Marketing * Marketing Communications * Licensee Communications * Newsletters * Market Research * Intranet Portal Management * Content Management * Presentation Skills * Russian Translation * Social Media * Product Management * Proposal writing * Russian, Spanish, Latvian * Sales *

I would assume that you could also add in a list of the programs you are knowledgeable in.  The last tip that I’ll share today is to give a sentence long description of the companies you’ve worked at after your title at the time.

I am suddenly looking forward to revising my resume and hoping that this will only help in my search.

I am taking tomorrow and the weekend off from blogging for my birthday and Latvian festivities.

What did you do today?


One thought on “Refreshing Your Resume

  1. Cau cau
    prieciigus janus, sveiciens visiem,bet galvenajs:
    Daudz Laimes Tavaa Dzimshanas Dienaa riit, vai sodien vakaraa :-)!!!

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