Today I have really been inspired to either change-up this blog or start a new one altogether.   My friend told me about, a blog that was started by a couple who wanted to keep their loved ones informed about their new house and all of the projects they were doing.  Their blog is really inspiring me to make some kind of change.  I’m not sure what that change may be but here are my ideas:

* Budget driven living

* Boston on a budget

* Events on a budget

Yes, I know, there is one main theme running through all of the above but finding a deal gives me kind of a thrill and why not write about something I am passionate about.  I still plan to contribute to this blog as it is “my baby” but I think I have focused a lot on the unemployed life and tips to help one get out of it.  However, I haven’t focused enough on the finer things in life…on a budget.

I hope this all leads to something, but if nothing else…this week is one full of renewal and inspiration.

What did you do today?


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