Employers vs. Candidates

Just the other day I read an article about more people actually quitting their jobs.  I remember at this time last year, when I was still working, I would talk to my friends and the majority of them were talking about how miserable they were in their jobs but, unlike when times were good, everyone was stuck with what they had.  They had to stick it out no matter how bad things got and had to hope they didn’t get laid off.  I find it interesting that people are now actually willing to give up a pay check to quit a job and sit around and look for work.  The prospect of a new opportunity is exciting, but the work that goes a long with finding something is not as glamorous as it may seem.  As a marketer who has had international marketing and product experience, but is in the “experienced but has not managed anyone” section, times are tough. 

Earlier this week I looked at the employers point of view on interviewing candidates and today I’ve decided to look at what employers hate about candidates.  This isn’t to scare people off or to paint anyone in a bad light but more of a tip to us, job seekers, about faux pa’s we can overcome.

I know I get irritated when people in HR are being unprofessional because I feel like I have put in all of this work to draft up a resume and cover letter, put my best foot forward but then never hear anything back.  It’s like I never came in for an interview at all.  Well, I suppose I should look at their point of view and realize that I am one of at least 100 people who walk through their doors and they are just as irritated as I am.  (However, I still feel it is their job to at least let you know the outcome…)

Here are the top “annoyances” of employers and hiring managers:

1.Job seekers applying for jobs they are not at all qualified for: I know my dad would disagree because he has advised I apply for all marketing related jobs.  However, I feel like doing that may dilute my skills, if I do come across an interesting position within that company.

2. Job seekers are not following directions: We have all come across numerous job applications and quite honestly I don’t always fill them out fully, when they are on-line, because I just assume that if they have my resume, that’s all they need.  I guess not.  Fill forms out to their fullest as it may be for clerical or administrative reasons and not doing so may cause your resume to be discarded.

3. Job seekers come across unprofessional: Whether this is in terms of arriving late, chewing gum, or your resume and cover letter containing typo’s, you only get one chance in this market.  Make that first impression count.  This is a true story…I was on Facebook and someone I know from high school posted an update that read “I just realized that the last 15 jobs I applied to may not be calling back…I guess I should really learn how to spell the word SHIFT.”  Use your imagination as to what the resume may actually have read.

4. Job seekers becoming pests: We all try hard to show that we are reliable and knowledgeable candidates.  Don’t ruin all of that by constantly calling and e-mailing the hiring managers about the process or the outcome of an interview.  Keep your cool and follow-up when it is appropriate.  If they told you that the outcome will come in a week, follow-up then, not before.

Read more tips from Susan Heathfield’s article titled What Employers Hate About Job Seekers.  Tuck these tips under your hat and be aware of how you come across when interviewing.

Have a fantastic weekend and…what did you do today?


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