Thank You!

This morning I woke up to Vh1 and their morning music videos.  Turns out that an artist by the name of Ryan Star has a song out called “Breathe” and the video is all about those who are unemployed.  Following that I flipped the channel to the Today show and Meredith Viera was talking to a few people who are in their 50’s. The segment was called Unfinished Business and how it is much harder for those in their later years to get back on their feet.  All of this leads me back to wondering if the unemployment extension has been passed…the answer to that is, no.

So what does “Thank You” have to do with any of this?  Well, I figured that today I would focus on talking about thank you letters.  After all, any interview we get is a great achievement and we should most definitely celebrate it.  Therefore, you should always thank your interviewer and then hope for the best. You did all you can do.

What is the recipe for a successful thank you note?  After looking at a number of different sources I’ve come up with the following points that you may want to focus on when drafting up an e-mail following you interview.

1. Show appreciation

2. Show interest in the position

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Remind the employer about your qualifications and what you will bring to the position

4. Thank them again for bringing you in.

Have a wonderful day and thank someone today for what they’ve done for you.

What did you do today?


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