Interview Questions-The Employers Point of View

I’ve talked a lot about interview questions, interview techniques from our point of view, what questions may stump us and how to prepare for them.  Well, just today I came across a great article that flipped this scenario and advised employers about what questions they should ask us.  The article mentions that asking such questions as “What is your biggest weakness?” and “What are your three greatest strengths?” doesn’t allow the hiring managers to get to know the candidate.

The following questions allow the hiring managers to really get to know the brand that is you.  The questions below would allow me and everyone else to really perfect their pitch and get down to talking about how we can help the new organization.

1. Two  Minute Bio: “If you had to give someone a two minute summary of who you are – personally and professionally, what would you say?”

2. Knowledge About the Company: “Anyone with a few years’ experience should come to the interview with a sense of the company, its competitors, go to market strategy, and at least a couple of basic issues.”

3. Why You?: “A serious candidate will have thought through what distinguishes him from other similar professionals he’s met and worked with over time, and ought to be able to make a case for himself.”

4. What would your significant other say drives him/her crazy you?: “You may hear something that’s startlingly honest – or which gives you an idea of how the interviewee acts when thrown off balance.”

5. The first 90 days: “In addition to helping you get a sense of this candidate’s “fit” with the organization, her answer will give you a good sense of how she approaches projects and issues.”

6. Live like there’s no tomorrow: “This ought to give you some sense of what’s important to him and how he’d approach having a sudden windfall.”

Check out the whole article titled 6 Great Interview Questions-For Employers by Kevin.  I hope some hiring managers read this blog entry!

What did you do today?


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