The Job Market and Web 2.0

I have to end this week with a gripe.  I received a letter from unemployment about what I have left for my benefits.  I was pretty sure I was on my second extension but when I called the offices last week I was told I was only on my first one which automatically makes me eligible for the second.  After receiving the letter and not understanding any of the numbers that were mentioned in it I decided to call unemployment again. This time I was told that I am on my second extension and that pretty much everyone is waiting to see if the Senate passes the unemployment extension.  So…which extension am I on?

Where are the people who work in the Senate who need to pass this bill?  They are on a week long vacation.  I wish I could go on a paid vacation from work.  Apparently the House did pass the bill, but just barely, and when I say barely I mean by 11 votes.

In May, private employers only hired 41,000 employees compared to 218,000 in April.  However, the government was pretty excited that they created 431,000 jobs.  BUT 411,000 of those were for temporary Census workers.  Awesome!

Now on to the uplifting part of all of this, and once again I have to thank Hubspot for allowing me to take their free Inbound Marketing classes and become certified in Inbound Marketing Professional.  It seems that, at least according to Carol Tice from, that a lot more companies are indeed hiring people who have social media skills and the pay rates are nothing to frown at!  I was also happy that the article listed some new job search terms that I’ll plug into some job boards.

Social Media Strategist/Digital Strategist: These “are the people who put together a plan.”

Community Manager:  “Community managers oversee company blogs and forums, keeping visitors coming to the site through outreach on social sites, and moderating conversations to make sure nothing libelous or insulting is being said.” Marketing, work in Web publishing, copy writing, project management and social media may be expected.

Blogger: “Posting short articles filled with links to related sites has become a popular technique for improving rankings in search engines.”

Social Media Marketing Specialist: “The virtual-world version of a marketing specialist.”

Search Engine Marketing Associate: “A lower-level position than a social-media strategist or marketer.”

Online Customer Service Representative: “A growing number of companies are watching social sites for customer complaints.”

Go ahead and check out the whole article titled, Emerging Jobs in Social Media.  I’m really hoping that all of this blogging and educating I’ve done pays off…

What did you do today?


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