Don’t Wait, Educate!

I received an e-mail the other day from my friend Sailaja, she wrote a guest post about Informational Interviews, about Hubspot closing their Inbound Marketing University.  If you were to look at my Social Media drop down category you would see that I mention Hubspot quite often and have always talked up their Inbound Marketing University.  I decided to check out their site and found out that Kronos, an outbound marketing agency, has ordered the shut down of IMU.

What is interesting is that I was just having a conversation with someone last week about companies using social media to save on marketing costs.  I was sure that over time, sites such as Facebook and Twitter would begin charging businesses for using their platform to communicate with customers and get potential leads.  On that note, I am so glad that I got my Inbound Marketing Professional certification when I did.  Let’s hope that with a little bit of pushing this will all get swept under the rug and everyone can keep learning.

Now for some more outdoor related tips, because after all, June is our outdoor month.

* The Liberty Hotel is holding its Yoga in the Yard again and this month it’s all pilates which I could not be happier about!

* The Hatch shell will begin it’s summer events on the 18th of June with WBZ Friday Flicks.

* Don’t forget to grab a free donut at Dunkin Donuts tomorrow with a drink purchase and stop by Friendly’s on Saturday between noon and 5pm for some free ice cream!  It sure is nice that summer is finally here!

What did you do today?


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