Resume “No No’s”

I hope you are planning on partaking in National Running Day which I mentioned yesterday.  However, if you are looking to go the complete opposite way, you should visit your local Dunkin Donuts on Friday because in celebration of their 60th birthday you can pick up a free donut with a purchase of a beverage!

Now, back to business.  I haven’t talked about resumes in a while and having just updated my own resume I was glad to come across Doostang’s latest blog entry titled “What NOT to Include in Your Resume.”

I have previously written about drafting up several different resumes for the different types of jobs you may be looking for.  I have one for my marketing and product related searches and one for visual merchandising and retail positions.  I could certainly have one really long resume but in that case the employers and hiring managers would need to weed through all of my skills and accomplishments which would take too much time and put me at the end of their list or disqualify me all together.

In addition to the above, the Doostang team advises that you should never be dishonest about your previous job titles, certifications and accomplishments.  The truth always comes out even if you think you are taking part in a white lie.  Lastly, do not include a photograph or try to joke in your resume or on your cover letter.  Save the personality for the interview!

What did you do today?


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