So, your point is…?

I was checking out this morning to see if anything interesting has happened in the marketing world and came across an article about Getting to the Point: The ‘Six Words or Less’ Philosophy.  Before I even read the article I thought about how I sometimes feel like I ramble on during interviews.  You’re given this time to tell the interviewer as much as you can about yourself and your experience and they are just sitting there listening.  I sometimes wonder if they have any clue about what I am saying.

It’s even harder during a phone screen.  There have been a number of occasions when I’ve begun talking to a person on the phone and halfway through my monologue I can hear that I’ve been clicked on to speaker phone and the interviewer interrupts and says “OK, OK, sounds good.”  Am I really that boring?  I’ve already taken to only talking about my last two jobs, unless the ones on the last page are applicable.  I know that the trick is to really talk to the points in the job description and I plan to execute that trick in the upcoming week.

So, what does Meredith Vaughan suggest companies do to sell their brand in six words or less?  Focus on the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of a brand and company.  Your answer may be vague but it will allow the interviewer to ask YOU more questions which in turn will make your interview into a dialogue rather than a monologue!

What did you do today?


One thought on “So, your point is…?

  1. laba ideja, izlasi ko papus vakar atrada, man liekas interessanti, noteikti aizsuuti, citadi nebus par ko barot maati un tati vecumdienas :-))

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