What did you do…after graduation? Part II

My parents are flying in tomorrow morning and I am finally getting my Global MBA diploma on Saturday!  It’s been a long time coming and I’ve certainly gained a lot of life experience in these three years.  Between selling and buying cars, seeing my parents and brother move away, moving myself, going through a lay off process and being in a real relationship I think I’m going to look forward to not adding “going to class” to the mix.

Yesterday I wrote about my take on the top 5 industries in the greater Boston area.  Today I’d like to share an article I found on boston.com about the “Top 10 job search tips for college grads.”  Christine Bolzan states that, “More than 1.5 million men and women graduated from college this spring and fewer than 20 percent had a job on graduation day.”  That is shocking to me.  I remember when I graduated with my undergraduate degree you were almost looked down upon for NOT having landed a job as most of my fellow graduates had already secured a post grad job.  What are the other 1.2 million of us supposed to do?  Well, Christine has a few suggestions and they suggest you network, get feedback, set up mock interviews, volunteer and most importantly take care of yourself!  Sounds like so far I’ve been on point about my advice…

Read the article to find out more tips for success.

Let’s celebrate!  Happy graduation to all my fellow graduates!  What did you do today?


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