What did you do…after graduation? Part I

With graduation right around the corner I am sure that a lot of us are hoping that we can land our next opportunity sooner rather than later.  I decided to do a little research about the top 5 industries that are in our back yard and offer ideas about how to get your way into the job that fits your interests.  Also, I have looked into answering the “what keeps you in Boston?” question in an intelligent and unexpected way, thank you mom for the idea!

After comparing a few websites I have come up with my own list of the top 5 industries in Massachusetts:

1. Biotechnology– With all of these grads from schools such as Northeastern, Harvard and BU entering their first real job after graduation you may have a lot of competition.  However, getting into a training or entry level position could be your way in!

2. Pharmaceutical– Genzyme is expanding and you should expand your search!  Every company needs marketers and sales teams!  Entry level is not always the worst title.

3. Technology– There are a lot of MIT grads to compete with but the IT sector is not one you should overlook.  Every company needs computers and tech’s so this is one industry that will not go away.

4. Financial Services– There are your PWC’s, State Street’s, Deloitte’s, etc.  Too many financial services companies to name means a lot of opportunity!  With the economy slowly but surely rebounding should mean that these institutions are hiring new employees.  Yes, sometimes it is harder to get your foot in the door because a lot of the promoting gets done within the company but with so many options, you can’t go wrong.

5. Education– With so many universities, 52 institutions of higher education in the metropolitan area to be exact, there is no way that the education sector would not be in my top 5.  Whether you are looking to further your education or work in the education sector there are more than enough opportunities for you to choose from.  You can begin by volunteering at one of these institutions or looking for part time work as an assistant.  The best perk?  A lot of the times you could get a discount on the price of a course you might be interested in!

Still want more info?  Check out the Best cities for 2010 grads article from Career Builder, Boston is number 5…and there is your intelligent answer.  Why WOULDN’T you want to be in a city that has so much opportunity!?!

What did you do today?


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